I got Nina the same day I got Hayden.  I didn’t mean to bring her home, but she chose me.  Nina is Hayden’s litter mate and the only kitten the mama cat took with her when she abandoned Hayden and another kitten.

When I arrived to pick up Hayden, Nina was was curled around him.  She looked up and yipped at me.  I picked up Hayden and was cuddling him when Nina decided that she loved me too.  She stood up and started pawing at me.  I picked her up too and she was purring so loud that the woman across the room could hear her.  I tried to put her down and she wouldn’t let me.  That was all she wrote.

Nina is the sweetest, most lovable cat I have ever had.  She is curled up against me as I write this. She’s my lovebug.


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