The woman from whom I got Roslyn called me and said that Roslyn’s mama had another litter and asked if I was interested in another kitty.  At first I said no, but she told me that there was a boy cat that she thought I might fall in love with.

Hayden was born in a lawnmower bag with the rest of his litter mates, including Nina.  Mama cat doesn’t take good care of her kitties and abandoned the whole little except for one.  Hayden was rescued with another kitten when he was 1 day old and was hand fed until he started eating regular cat food.

I got him when he was 7 weeks old.  He was so adorable, all ears and tail.  He has a huge personality and is very demanding in his need of attention.  He is really affectionate and supervises all actions in the house.  I sometimes call him “Boss” because I can’t do anything without him being in the way.

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