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Protected: Don’t Say You Know

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Welcome to the Debbiedoodledoo Zoo!

Life is good.  The weather is appropriately chilly for October and, appropriately, I have chili cooking on the stove and cornbread cooling on the counter.  Recipes to follow later this week.

Since this is the inaugural post on this blog, I want to welcome you all here.  To the new readers, welcome and I hope you find this space to be interesting.  To my beloved readers from my previous blogs, thank you for following me here and I hope you continue to do so.

I’m doing something different on this blog.  It’s not anonymous.  This is a huge step for me because of drama in the past, but I find it exhausting to keep my anonymity.  That being said, however; any post that I find to be damning will be password protected.  Click on the Password tap to request the password.

Do you like the background doodles?  I drew them.  I’m not that artistically gifted, so I’m crazy excited about how good it turned out.  I wanted color and that’s what I got.  And purple is my favorite color, so I’m loving the sidebar color.

What can you expect here?  Stories about my life, articles about health and health tips, recipes, photography, book/TV/movie reviews, contributors, humor, banality,podcasts, and more.  The first podcast will be posted later today.