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RIP Snooki the Cat

I woke up this morning disoriented.  I get up every morning, no matter what day of the week, at 5 AM.  The cats don’t let me sleep in.  This morning I could feel the time change.  I felt weird.  I got up and wandered around with my cup of coffee.  I was restless, like something was going to happen today.  I didn’t know what, but it was in the air.

I met my mom for our new Sunday tradition of running 5K.  I shaved 2 minutes off of my time, which I’m super happy about.  The weather was beautiful and we run by the river, so the scenery is quite lovely.

After the run, I ran to the grocery store for some stuff.  I hate going on Sunday, but I needed some greens and cheese and oatmeal.  I saw 2 super hot guys shopping, one helping what looked like his dad do his shopping.  So the shopping trip wasn’t so terrible.

After I got home and put all of the stuff away and took a very necessary shower.  I was ready to sit on my ass and relax the rest of the day.  And then the phone rings…

My downstairs neighbor, the one who lives with Drunk Neighbor, tells me her cat is sick.  He’s just lying around and won’t eat.  Because I’m like the cat whisperer or something, I go down and check the cat.  He is indeed a mess.  He won’t eat, he won’t move, he won’t respond to anything.  I tell her she needs to take him to the vet immediately.  She tells me that the cat hasn’t been right for about 2 days, but then Drunk Neighbor interrupts and says that he noticed that the cat hasn’t been himself for 4 weeks.  I ask him why he didn’t take him to the vet then, but got no real answer because Drunk Neighbor was, well, drunk.

I decide to drive my neighbor and the cat to the closest emergency center where we find out he has a blocked urinary tract and that they have to perform an emergency procedure where they unblock him, but then they’ll have to keep the cat for 2-3 days for observation.  My neighbor has no problem with the money, she just wants her cat better.  We leave and let them do what they need to.  About 1o minutes after we get home, my neighbor calls me hysterical crying that they had to put the cat down because he went into cardiac arrest as they were doing the surgery.

I feel so bad for her.  The cat was only 2 years old.  But here’s my issue…how do not know your pet is sick?  Maybe I’m harsh, but I can honestly tell you that my pets are in great health.  I can tell you when they last ate, when the last drank water, when they used the box.  I have had sick animals before, so I stalk these poor cats like a psycho hypochondriac mom.  I’m always checking their paws, looking in their mouths, feeling their bellies.  I’m always messing with them.  They are my babies.  So if one of these spoiled-ass cats started acting “not right” for even 1 day (let alone 4 fucking weeks) my ass would be at the vet.  This really bothers me.

Now, I’m finally relaxing.  My body is tired and I’m a little stressed out and sad.  Poor Snooki the Cat.  I have no idea why my neighbor named the poor cat that, but that was his name.  He has a brother named Skittles and I’m sure the little guy will miss him.  Skittles is perfectly healthy and will be going to the vet for a check-up this week because I told my neighbor I would stalk her until she took him.

Ugh.  So much for a relaxing Sunday.